Govenda BoardBookit Functions and Pricing

Govenda BoardBookit

Choosing the perfect board portal provider can become difficult, as the number of offerings on the market grows every day. New products are popping up and endlessly improving old ones, so boards will have to do a detailed analysis to see what they need. In this article, we will review the Govenda BoardBookit and highlight its features, thereby making it easier for potential customers to find and research a vendor.

Govenda BoardBookit – general characteristics of supplier 2022

Govenda BoardBookit is an online space designed to manage, prepare and conduct board meetings, of any industry or scale. The provider offers advantageous tools for managers and secretaries as well as core board members. Advanced administrator capabilities allow you to quickly and efficiently plan a meeting, prepare all documents into digital record books, publish various updates and news to the shared space, and also maintain historical file records and a list of board members.

BoardBookit supports digital signing, so it allows you to upload to the online space, already signed documents. Store all the documents you need for your board, such as employee benefits, shareholder distributions, and meeting preparation materials, in a centralized space, in absolute security. The portal also offers convenient presentation modes, customizable fields, and offline access to data. All actions that have been performed offline are automatically synced to the space when the internet is turned on. The board portal also supports mobile apps for any OS.

Board book it – main advantages

Below we look at the benefits that a Govenda board portal can bring to your company:

  • Simplify board management

The space can streamline most of your work processes while still complying with all requirements and policies. The portal makes the administrator’s job much easier, reducing their routine and manual work. Thousands of companies from around the world use Govenda because of its extensive suite of preparation, communication, and boardroom management tools.

  • Centralized space

With BoardBookit you can concentrate all data and tasks in one place, thus distributing all materials quickly and easily, and increasing company productivity. The clever interface of the program allows you to perform complex tasks without involving the IT department.

  • Save money and time

The Govenda board portal is profitable no matter which way you look at it. With it, you save a lot of time preparing, distributing, and executing tasks, since most functions are automated and you can access them from anywhere. It also cuts costs on printing and office supplies and mailing services and speeds up your return on investment. And you don’t risk the security of your sensitive data in any way, because the space is certified and encrypted.

  • Significant performance improvement

Govenda BoardBookit gives you smoother operations. Now, executives can easily schedule meetings, work on tasks, share documents and do anything else from any device or location.

Features and Pricing

So, the main functions of Govenda include:

  • Create and manage the council list – the administrator decides which users can be added, who can be removed, and who can be deactivated temporarily
  • Electronic signatures – sign the necessary document even if you are 1000 km away from the main office
  • Manage notifications – set up automatic notifications and reminders before meetings, task deadlines, and portal updates
  • Content permissions – control who can view and interact with what document
  • Annotation tools – make online annotations, both personal and public, anchor them anywhere in the document or presentation


Developers offer clients three plans to choose from, one of which is for nonprofit organizations.  To request a quote, contact the vendor directly.

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